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May 18, 2019

Today on the podcast- #GirlBoss Daenerys Targaryen gets angry and commits genocide in #GOT, much to the chagrin of tankies, cucks, and Marxists!  Also, Republicans are banning abortion in shithole states and John is pretending to be pro-life to own the libs! Also this week, Ethan concludes his review of #KillAllNormies with the stunning conclusion that- the author is... a normie!  And- #Bitcoin is on a rollercoaster ride, and John McAfee has been arrested! Will he get out of prison in time to cut his dick off? Who can say! Plus: Trump’s immigration plan, why libertarianism isn’t more popular, why America’s police state is better than other police states, and whether it’s OK for parents to encourage their kids to do drag, be trans, and take ketamine! (John says NO, Ethan says, time will tell!)  Also- the UK is this week’s #CuckOfTheWeek in the return of #UKUCucked! And a Haram edition of #ConspiracyFriday! It’s #MeanAndSober, right here, right now!

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