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May 25, 2019

This week on the pod, the boys discuss hairy Turkish girls, Ethan’s many correct predictions about the #GOT finale, and why some “comedians” should really just stop posting on facebook.  Also: John tries to prove that Ethan is #redpilled, and Ethan tries to prove that John is… a dirty racist! Then: The State of Israel- good or bad?? You decide! Also: A history of the crusades, a weighing of the merits of American hegemony, and how Chinese Islamophobia is WAY worse than the American version. Also- why the “failing” New York Times is such a good newspaper, but also, the editors should be sent to a gulag! And, John tells our listeners why he LOVES the CIA! Also: Why the Russians are afraid of #Bitcoin! The truth about #CheGuevara (NOT a great man!) The truth about John Gregory, and why, and how, he secretly “loves” the homeless! Also- #JBP decides, for some godforsaken reason, to bring #Milo back!?? And of course your old favorites, #CuckOftheWeek and #ConspiracyFriday. It’s a rip-roaring episode of #MeanAndSober, and we’re not just talking about Ethan’s asshole!  Listen now, cucks!


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