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Jun 1, 2019

This week, Trump is mad because Mueller is calling him a criminal (kind of) and Ethan is mad at cucked #GOT memes! Find out why “male ally” posting is incredibly offensive- nearly as offensive as John’s devious plan to #redpill... the Jews? Speaking of which, we  cover why Ben Shapiro is super smart and also a bad-faith shill for Trump & other products Americans don’t need, and why it is somehow impossible to cover Bernie Sanders without seeming antisemitic! Then: Ethan smacks John down with some of the best reporting over the last decade of the #NewYorkTimes, and John smacks Ethan down with some of its most horrific lying!  Also- both boys agree that the #CollegeBoard should voluntarily dissolve itself! Plus: The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is is an ex-gay! And- #TheresaMay is out, and #Brexit is happening- or is it? And why is #JohnCleese suddenly a Rudyard Kipling-style imperialist? Listen to find out! Plus, a cuck-tastic edition of #CuckOfTheWeek, and another disgusting installment of #ConspiracyFriday! All right here, right now, on #MeanAndSober!

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