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Jun 15, 2019

Today on the pod, the boys talk Trump’s latest treasonous transaction, as he is stumped into stupid stammering by Stephanopolous’s sophisticated suspicions! Looks like the Dems have finally got ‘im!!! Also- what does it mean for American Democracy when every four years everyone just runs for president on locking up their political opponents? (Banana republics, good or bad?) Then, we welcome Mean and Sober contributor Adrian Shephard as he gives his take on the tanker attack and #Iran! False flag? Or true flag? Who can say! Plus, we make extensive use of Adrian’s autism for a deep dive into the political situation in Europe.  Is Europe on the verge of plunging back into 20th-century-style fascism? Or is it the dawn of an environmentally-conscious, economically moderate, politically united new continentalism? Also, what’s the deal with Brexit, and why is Theresa May the worst leader of Britain since they had that schizophrenic hemophiliac child-king in the 15th century? Plus- a stunning #CuckOfTheWeek, and a holocaust-affirming (in a roundabout way) #ConspiracyFriday!  

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