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Jul 6, 2019

This week, John defends the Inquisition, and Ethan defends America (from Drumpf!).  Plus we talk negative and positive rights, while Ethan gets pozzed. And, we welcome a special guest, Miami entertainer Freddy Stebbins, who is in Shanghai with Ethan!  Then- Ethan loses his phone, and relies on the police state to get it back for him! Plus- Freddy gives his impression of Shanghai (literally!) And, why is everyone spitting (and shitting) on the streets here, and what’s the deal with all these Chinese signs?  Plus: Gay hookups, Chinese tourists, and white privilege in China! All right here, right now, on Mean and Sober! Also, we’ve got a great #CuckOfTheWeek and a #ConspiracyFriday about those thieving Frenchmen for you. Zai tian, cucks!


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