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Feb 22, 2020

This week, Ethan complains to his therapist about Californians, and Californians complain to him- about their failed state. Also, John is getting fatter and more antisemitic, even as Ethan gets more buff and advocates for our first Jewish president! Plus, right-wing grifters vs. left-wing grifters, the Harley Quinn...

Feb 15, 2020

Can’t a Chinese-American get a fair shake in this country?  Andrew Yang is out of the 2020 race and that’s about… white.  The boys talk about how sad they are that the BAG remains unsecured after Iowa & New Hampshire voters reject the last man of color in the race. Plus- Drumpf’s Night of the Long Knives,...

Feb 8, 2020

The boys talk about Trump's acquittal in the Senate, the shenanigans in Iowa, and the joys of voluntary celibacy! Then, in a shocking turn of events, President Trump calls into the show! Plus #ConspiracyFriday and #CuckOfTheWeek.

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Feb 6, 2020

The boys chat about Bernie's chances with antisemites, Rogan's cancellation for support for Yang and Bernie, and China's incredibly effective quarantine of coronavirus victims! Plus- a live reaction to the latest #Vault!  Go to and sign up for the full episode!

Feb 1, 2020

South Florida comedy loses it over the tragedy of Kobe's death and the fallout from the jokes, John & Ethan talk about Californians' role in the Holocaust, and Ethan meets a BASED Supreme Court justice. Plus, #ConspiracyFriday and #CuckOfTheWeek!