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Dec 8, 2018

Today Ethan & John welcome special guest Vanessa Place, an artist and attorney who has just published a book... of rape jokes.  (Seriously!) But first- we’re remembering former blue-blooded CIA spook and current dead president, George HW Bush! Plus: Trump’s masterful dealmaking skills with the Chinese; our take on the Kevin Hart oscar controversy, and Macron’s inadvertent uniting of police officers and yellow vests under a banner of tax protest. Also, noted real-life cuck Roger Stone takes the fifth (while whacking off to his wife taking the first four!) Then, we interview rape joke connoisseur Vanessa Place, who explains to John that there’s no such thing as rape culture (and boy is he relieved!), and also gives Ethan her review of his rape jokes (bad!) Plus, a Michael Avenatti-themed #CuckOfTheWeek! And a “Watergate-Coup”-themed #ConspiracyFriday! It’s the best show we’ve ever done, until next week’s show! Get it now.

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