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Dec 15, 2018

This week, Ethan and John are gloating about the demise of neoconservative publication, the Weekly Standard! Also, why there are no women who believe in libertarianism (answer: InCels), Doctor Narcan gets cancelled, and Ethan gets triggered by white supremacy! Then: The difference between “poor people racism” and elitist racism!  #Bitcoin crimes! And when is John McAfee finally going to man up and eat his own dick??? Also: The Republicans get Red-Sparrowed. Trump is a methhead. And we’ve got REAL election fraud in North Carolina (and why aren’t the authorities questioning John, by the way?) Then lesbian-themed #CuckOfTheWeek and a… 9/11-themed edition of #ConspiracyFriday!  Plus: #Brexit! #CriminalJusticeReform! #Fentanyl! And, the true meaning of “Cuck”! Tune in now for the correct opinions!

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