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Dec 22, 2018

This week Mean and Sober asks the question: When did the liberals get so… neoconservative?  Listen as the boys get to the bottom of how Trump got to the left of Noam Chomsky on war. Then, we’re talking free speech as John and an unfunny Nazis podcaster both get #cancelled.  Then, Ethan brings up the fact that noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein got a sweetheart deal from a member of the Trump administration, making John uncomfortable, and John brings up the fact that noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sure used to hang out with Bill Clinton a lot, making Ethan uncomfortable.  Plus, why Nate Silver is always right! Why Michael Flynn is in serious trouble! And why the government could never accept the Build the Wall Gofundme money without completely undermining their raison d’etre. Also: Why bitcoin and interest rates are both up, but Ethan still thinks Austrian economics is full of InCels.  And don’t miss John’s chock-full-o-fake news Christmas-themed #CuckOftheWeek and #ConspiracyFriday!

Merry Christmas, cucks, and a happy New Year!

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