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Dec 29, 2018

The boys are debating #Catholicism again, but Ethan just has one question for John- since when is Pope Francis so BASED? Then it’s on to a very important issue- voting!  For some reason, Ethan thinks literally every citizen should be able to vote. That’s right, he says we should expand the Franchise to rapists, murderers, and even... Trump supporters! Listen as John tells us why we shouldn’t!  Then- Trump goes to Iraq and tells the troops why he’s pulling out of Syria. Is this a bad thing? According to literally everyone except Ethan & John- YES! Plus- Sudanese-flavored #ConspiracyFriday, and a very special, triple-airtight edition of #CuckOfTheWeek- it’s the Cuck, or should we say Cucks of the Year!  Is it #Avenatti? Is it #ElizabethWarren? We're not telling- listen to find out! Happy new year everyone, it’s been a great year at #MeanAndSober. See you next year, cucks!

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