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Twas the Night before Trumpmas!

Dec 24, 2018

Twas the night before Christmas
And through the White House
Not a creature was stirring, nor Mrs. Trump’s blouse
The Democrats were filling their diapers with care
In hopes that St. Bernie would bring free healthcare
Illegals were nestled all snug in their cells
While liberals did interviews with...

Dec 23, 2017

‘Tis the season and Ethan has a question for John- Boomers are finally getting into Bitcoin, so NOW is it a bubble? Hey, who can tell! Then, it seems Mean and Sober’s controversial topics are finally getting us into trouble- we weren’t able to do Facebook advertising this week because last week’s War on...

Dec 16, 2017

It’s Mean and Sober and Ethan is consoling John for the devastating Roy Moore defeat in the Alabama senate race. We’ll talk about Trump and Bannon losing face and how they can escape the cucking they’re experiencing. Also, Paul Ryan is retiring, but John still thinks those assassination markets should make the...